Treatment Options

Dental implants have been used for over 35 years for the permanent replacement of one more or teeth and the treatment of total edentulous mandible or maxilla. Following years of research, implant systems have been developed which guarantee a secure anchorage for teeth which also have a natural appearance.

Possible treatments:


Replacement of a single tooth

Involves replacing the root of the missing tooth without filing away the adjacent healthy teeth, as required in the traditional treatment, thereby maintaining their good condition. It is a natural solution, highly satisfying in terms of aesthetic appearance, and one which is reliable over time.

Replacing multiple teeth

Thanks to implants, it is possible to close the space left by missing teeth by creating a fixed bridge or separate crowns, avoiding the use of traditional, removable prostheses.

Total tooth replacement

If all teeth are missing from the mandible or maxilla, dental implants are a valid solution; for example, it is possible to choose between a complete bridge, fixed to several dental implants, or a removable, total prosthesis with anchoring devices fixed to two or more implants.