Transmucosal abutment Dental Tech

Shape Tissue Effect

The new prosthetic component is applied at the same time as the surgical phase of the implant positioning and maintains the freedom of flexibility during the prosthetic phases.

Biological and Mechanical benefit

The implant is less subject to mechanical forces on the crown and protects the soft tissues from inflammation and bacterial infiltration.

Acting on the transmucosal abutment with a 30Ncm torque, a perfect intimacy of the abutment-implant interface is ensured. This prevents migration and bacterial colonization on the “pumping effect” action.

It makes the professional’s work easier

It simplifies the prosthetic procedure for the benefit of the peri-implant tissue, since it moves the implants’engagement platform from internal to external connection, from the bone level to the soft tissues level.

Once positioned, according to the prosthetic emergency, it is no longer removed, thus guaranteeing the stability of the surrounding peri-implant tissues.

Optimal implant osseointegration

It can be prosthesized both with immediate loading, in a variety of secondary components suitable for the planned prosthetic project, and with deferred loading, preserved by a protective cap that leaves the soft tissue undisturbed for an optimal tissue adaptation and a complete implant integration.

WARNING: not suitable for single restorations.

Pilastro transmucoso - Osteointegrazione implantare

Available to multiple Implant Lines


Connection with hexagonal platform ø4,1 mm standard

Vertical and horizontal gap reduced to a minimum, thus minimizing the rotation between the components and the inflammatory infiltrate area, one of the major causes of peri-implant bone resorption.

The external connection platform offers a wide range of prosthetic solutions to better manage the prosthetic needs of each project.

Connessione pilastro transmucoso

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