A complete line of devices any type of screwed prosthesis or bar overdenture, in the case of both immediate and delayed loading of the implants. The wide range of accessories allow the working team to develop the prosthetic protocol with ease, packaging temporary and/or permanent prostheses without time being wasted.

Pillars for multiple devices are a part of our IMPLOGIC® and IMPLASSIC systems of screw-retained prostheses. These can be used to create screw-retained structures such as Bridges, bars and the Toronto Bridge. Thanks to the different heights and angles available, they are particularly suitable for the creation of implant-prostheses, using 4 or 6 implants.

The implant screws included with the pillars are colour-coded which indicates the diameter. During insertion of the prosthesis, they must be tightened as follows:

  • Screws which fix the prosthesis to the pillar – 10 Ncm
  • Screws which fix the pillars to the implant – 20 Ncm

The octagonal pillar must be screwed to the implants using the dedicated wrenches and applying 35 Ncm of torque.

The retaining screw which fixes the prosthesis to the octagonal pillar must be tightened by applying 20 Ncm of torque.