To assist the surgeon during the preparation of the implant site, a fundamental step to ensure the proper insertion of the implant and achieve good osteointegration, Dental Tech provides surgical steel drills which guarantee increased milling performance.

The easy to understand milling sequences, enable a clean surgical site to be formed that allows the implant to achieve an increased primary stability and an excellent placement in all bone types.

To ensure the correct preparation of the implant site at the established depths and the predictable, secure placement of the implant, all Dental Tech drills are clearly labeled and defined using laser marking.

With regard to the drill/implant relationship, consideration needs to be given to the fact that the depth of preparation of the site does not correspond directly to the length of the implant; rather, the site is a minimum of 0.8mm to a maximum 1.0mm deeper(final milling). Therefore, this greater length needs to be taken into account during the planning stage.

To ensure their correct use and performance, the instruments must not be used for more than 25 osteotomies, and as they are reusable, must be cleaned and sterilised before being used.

To summarise, the principal benefits are:

  • excellent control of depth during preparation of the implant site
  • reduced risk during surgery
  • reduced operator stress and fatigue
  • greater patient security