The vast range of Dental Tech products available to dentists, dental surgeons and technicians makes it possible to realise any type of fixed prosthetic reconstruction, from a single device to full-arch rehabilitation.

Thanks to the variety of prosthetic devices which comprise our system, it is possible to satisfy any requirement, whether functional or aesthetic.

Temporary Peek and Titanium pillars facilitate the work performed by the clinic, even in cases of immediate loading.

Full pillars of different heights, available for the IMPLASSIC TR2 and TRW2 system, allow the direct technique to be performed, meaning that once fastened to the implants with a torque of 35 Ncm, the pillars may be modelled in the oral cavity and an impression made in the clinic, as if it were the stump of a natural tooth.

Fully castable pillars and over-castable gold pillars allow the technician to create custom stumps with emerging profiles congruent with the tissue type of the patient.

Straight and pre-angled titanium pillars meet the needs of those who trust the precision of Dental Tech products; the semi-anatomic design allows clinics and technicians to model the pillars easily and without having to work extensively on them, resulting in a considerable savings of both time and materials.

The implant screws provided with the pillars are titanium and are characterised by a colour code which indicates the diameter. During installation of the finished product, they must be tightened to a torque of 20 Ncm.