Custom Abutment

Custom Abutment Dental Tech

Pre-Milled Custom Abutment

Dental Tech guarantees an innovative functional service for all those who do not have personal laboratory mills, to offer the possibility of creating a complete workflow. This service has been conceived to support clients who follow a digitisation path. It allows Dental Tech to provide customised solutions, such as the Pre-milled abutment*.

* Only for Dental Tech ø3.25 – ø3.75 – FTP prosthetic platforms.

The Pre-Milled Custom Abutment ensures:

    • Absolute precision concerning the abutment-implant connection manufactured and certified by Dental Tech.
    • Exceptional freedom to customise the mucosal and coronal design of the abutment.

Milling service from STL file

It will reproduce the anatomical customisation of the mucosal and coronal path with an oversize percentage, excluding the abutment-implant connection in order to manage any final customisation.

Custom abutment scanning and design service

It will depend on indications provided with the model supplied. Failing this, a custom abutment will be produced consistently with the prosthetic anatomy present, always with an oversize percentage, excluding the abutment-implant connection, in order to manage any final customised adjustments that might be required.

Service temporarily unavailable.

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