brand identity

Let us explain our choice!


There is a wind of change at Dental Tech

We have decided to renew our Brand Identity with a new logo and a more dynamic, responsive and user-friendly website.

In short, we have revamped our look as an early present for our 45th anniversary, which we will be celebrating with you next year.

This difficult, brave, long-contemplated decision will allow us to explain what we have become… But fear not, we are still US, and our goal has remained unchanged:

To offer implant solutions of the highest quality, reliability and precision, supporting professionals in all their clinical needs.



Same quality and availability

The product quality won’t change, and neither will the efficiency of the service and assistance offered by our staff and sales network. Another thing that won’t be affected are the human and working relationships established throughout the years.

We have simply grown. And as happens to everyone, growing generates stronger passions, values, feelings and strength. Moreover, the passing of time also brings a change to our external appearance.

We are changing our appearance to reveal the company’s intrinsic identity, which has not changed but simply strengthened with experience!

We never forget our past

We were, and still are, fond of the logo that accompanied us until now. And yet, we have decided to change an important part of our identity, one that has become rooted in our minds and in that of our customers.

One that has formed the background to many memorable moments and important milestones, and will remain an integral part of our history.

We are renewing our look because we wish to keep up with the times, in a rapidly changing market.


The new logo

We have decided to adopt a more iconic, simple and dynamic logo, redesigning its font, logotype, and part of its colours.



  • GREEN: evokes peace of mind, health and freshness. This will remain our corporate colour, granting a sense of continuity and maintaining a link with our past.
  • DARK BLUE: echoes the elegance of black and the relaxation of blue.
  • WHITE: reflects sincerity, modernity and elegance. It will flank the first two hues in the various colour versions of the official logo.


We have opted for a font that inspires:

  • DECISIVENESS: a striking, well-defined font … to underscore the company’s desire to achieve its goals and set new ones.
  • INNOVATION: a modern, technical font … to underscore the competence and quality that have always been the hallmark of a company with more than 40 years of experience in its sector.
  • LEGIBILITY: a simple, linear font … to underscore our attention to detail and our clear, transparent outbound communication.


  • EXTERIOR: triangles marked by soft, rounded lines create a protective shell, as a sign of stability, reliability, safety and teamwork.
  • INSIDE: a circle with outward-pushing tips, as sign of strength and the desire to push beyond our comfort zone.
  • CENTRE: the centre is left purposely empty, to metaphorically contain the end customer – a customer that was, is and will always remain our primary target, to be satisfied, protected and to whom to pay all our attention.

Finally, it is worth looking at the pictogram as a whole, which sets out to conjure up our technical competence and precision. To this end, the pictogram makes clear reference to our implant connection seen from above.

We have chosen a new view – not to disregard or deny our past, which will remain a fundamental part of our experience, but because it allows us to look at things from a new perspective.

A new perspective that will help us understand the end client even better, analysing facets that had so far remained concealed.

In short … a new logo and a new website, but the same Dental Tech family!