Confezioni sistemi implantari dentali Dental Tech

Protective implant cap supported by a titanium ring. (Surgical colour code)


Transparent ampoule


Protective closure screw cap. (Prosthetic colour code)

Dental Tech endosseous implants are supplied in sterile packaging which, if undamaged, guarantees the implant is protected from external agents and, if stored correctly, their sterility.

The package is composed of an external wrapper or cardboard box which contains a labelled and sealed plastic blister (secondary package) which, in turn, contains the plastic ampoule (primary package), containing the implant.

The cardboard box, in addition, contains: the instruction pamphlet, the adhesive stickers (printed directly on the blister), with the date of implant, to be applied to the patient file, and the information sheet for the patient (implant passport).

This type of packaging provides two layers of protection for the device which guarantees its sterility and increased assurance for its conservation.

Conessioni Impianti Dentali Implassic HX3

The boxes, despite having the same graphics, are differentiated by a color code that identifies, not the implant line contained, but the implant diameter.

  • YELLOW: Diameter 3.25
  • GREEN: Diameter 3.75
  • GRAY: Diameter 4.25
  • BLUE: Diameter 4.75
  • FUCHSIA: Diameter 5.5

The box marked by the WHITE color, is distinguished from the others, as it is the only one that refers to the contained Implant Lines and not to the diameter. This box is dedicated to the Logic Sphero implant line and, soon, to the D-One implant line.

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