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Smiling is an integral part of expressing our personality, helping us to open doors and establish close relationships.
For this reason, our teeth are an important part of our appearance and our lifestyle.
Strong, healthy teeth provide us with vitality, energy and trust, and allow us to act naturally and confidently in our professional and private lives.
Teeth are not only important to our appearance: they allow us to eat with relish, speak with confidence, express ourselves freely and savour life.
Sound scientific research demonstrates that having healthy teeth has a significant affect on our overall wellbeing, increasing our levels of self-esteem and confidence.
Of course, having intact teeth is cannot be guaranteed; illness and accidents can result in damage and loss. Missing teeth can have functional and aesthetic repercussions with regard to our appearance and how we lead our lives: in addition to depriving us of the pleasures of good food, they prevent us from eating a balanced diet and limit our ability to communicate verbally.

For almost 35 years implant dentistry has made it possible to completely replace teeth which have been lost or irreparably damaged. The “implant” acts as a “root” for the tooth, providing a stable base for the replacement teeth to firmly rest. Dental implants can replace single teeth or sets of missing teeth, or permit prosthetics to be solidly fixed in position in the mouth of the patient.