Guided Surgery

Chirurgia Guidata Dental Tech

Guided surgery for Dental Tech implants is based on system which is able to manage any type of treatment for implant rehabilitation and bone regeneration.

The accurate three-dimensional reconstruction using simple, intuitive Software, allows the Clinic to perform a complete pre-implant diagnosis and draft a virtual plan for the surgical procedure.

The above considerably cuts down the time required to plan a prosthetic implant, and improves the efficiency of the final outcome.

Are you a novice at Guided Surgery?

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Software di progettazione RG5

RG5 design software


Box chirurgico

Surgical box

On LOAN FOR USE for the first clinical case

Assistenza alla progettazione virtuale del caso clinico

Assisted virtual design


Discover the new Trays designed for Dental Tech’s Guided Surgery

Case Report

Clinical Cases of Guided Surgery