Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small titanium screw, a biocompatible material, intended to replace the natural root of a missing tooth. The dental implant is inserted directly into the bone, which then grows around the surface area of the implant to anchor it solidly. The next stage, following a period of healing, is the prosthetic reconstruction in the form of a crown, bridge or prosthesis. Acting like a root, the dental implant provides a stable foundation for the placement of a tooth which will remain solid, making it possible to eat, speak and smile without care. Compared to traditional methods, the replacement of teeth using implants represents a greater guarantee of comfort and durability.

The components of a dental implant consist of:

Titanium implant

The dental implant is the titanium screw which is inserted in the bone, replacing the root of the missing tooth. The length and thickness of the dental implant depend on the quality and dimension of available bone tissue.

The pillar

The pillar is the component which ensures a perfect seal between the dental implant and the crown, and is available in titanium, gold or ceramic.

Crowns, bridges or complete prostheses

Once the dental implant and the pillar are inserted, the next step is positioning the crown, a bridge consisting of several teeth, or a total prosthesis for the entire mandible (lower jaw) or maxilla (upper jaw).