Data Acquisition

Scanner Intraorali Careastream - Dental Tech

In an increasingly digitised sector, such as dentistry, the intraoral scanner guarantees rapid, precise and easy acquisition of the dental impression. The intraoral scanner offers a non-operator-dependent procedure, maintaining constant quality regardless of the professional who performs it.

Both the doctor and the patient will benefit by better treatment planning, and by a faster and more linear workflow.

Moreover, the intraoral scanner allows filing and long-term storage of the data acquired.

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but the one who best adapts to change.

Charles Darwin

Dental Tech offers an entirely digital dental care pathway

By easily adapting to change, Dental Tech has rapidly developed in the Digital sector, thus placing its expertise at the service of physical and dental technicians who use systematic Dental Tech implants. This enables them to both plan and implement an all-digital dental care pathway.

Scanner intraorale acquisizione dati - Dental Tech

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