CustomiZed components with CAD-CAM technology

Ever keen on technological evolution and constantly updated, Dental Tech offers the opportunity to create customised prosthetic components using CAD-CAM technology through its Scan Abutments, Digital Analogues and Pre-Milled Pillars.

Depending on the choice of the prosthetic platform 3.25 – 3.75 – FTP, Scan Abutments (REF. SCAN325 – SCAN375 – SCANFTP) indicated for intraoral and Laboratory scans can be used. They are suitable for both single cemented or screwed prosthetic elements, and for multiple cemented elements. Securing screws (REF.  VFX325 – VFX375 -VMTP037) are included in the packages. They are also individually available as spare parts.

Scan Abutment FTP Dental Tech
Analogo Digitale Dental Tech

Analogues for digital models (REF. AGL32DG – AGL37DG – AGFTP37DG – 60.992) are dedicated for applications that make use of models produced with 3D printing/protyping technology. The typical shape with radial corners allows easy insertion into the site of the model produced, without either interferences or friction with the resinous materials of the models. Moreover, the apical screw always ensures absolute functional stability. This prosthetic component must be used via the Dental Tech Libraries, which are accessible on the website.

Finally, the proposals are completed by Pre-Milled Pillars (REF. PRML11325, PRML16325, PRML11375, PRML16375, PRML11FTP, PRML16FTP) indicated to design and perform customized processing of abutments, depending on the clinical case.

Available in 2 diameters (11.5 mm and 16 mm), they are compatible with the most common machine connection available on the market. These prosthetic components provide industrial precision in connecting the fixture/abutment produced by Dental Tech with the customized versatile approach of the dental technician when creating the prosthetic artefact.

Premilled Dental Tech