CAD-CAM Libraries

Componenti protesiche digitali

Extensive range of dedicated prosthetic components for digital technology

Dental Tech provides Components customised with CAD-CAM technology, produced with the meticulous precision typical of Dental Tech products. They are indicated for all types of screwed and/or cemented prostheses, either fitted to a pillar or implanted.

3D digital design

It allows virtual planning of the most suitable customised prosthetic solution for the specific clinical case. The glue-on bases ensure that the same production standards of Dental Tech Implants are maintained.

Progettazione virtuale

3D digital technology simplifies the work and increases patient comfort, without any loss in terms of quality, precision and speed of implementation, which are Dental Tech’s main traits.

CAD-CAM Libraries

For internal and external T-base compatible geometries, both Rotational and Anti-rotational, Dental Tech libraries can be accessed free of charge for the following systems: 3Shape® – Dental Wings® – Exocad® – EGSolutions®.

We are present in the CAD CAM Zirkonzahn systems available for processing on Dental Tech Implants.

In case of problems when downloading the libraries, directly contact Dental Tech:

Phone: +39 02 96720174