Dental implants are currently the best choice in the event of tooth extraction or loss, whether for a single tooth, multiple or a full set of new teeth.

Custom solutions
An implant treatment is always a custom solution, designed to better meet the needs and characteristics of each patient.

Functionality and appearance
The functionality and appearance of dental implants are comparable to those of natural teeth. It is practically impossible to distinguish a natural tooth from an implant fitted with a ceramic crown.

Safety and durability
A dental implant treatment represents a safe, durable solution. Good oral hygiene and regular visits guarantee a durable solution.

Maintaining bone integrity
Anchoring the dental implant to the mandible (lower jaw) can stimulate the growth of bone tissue and the gums, which ensures the result is aesthetically pleasing and helps to maintain the natural shape of the face.

Well-anchored prosthesis
Dental implants do not require adhesives to hold new teeth in position and reduce the discomfort and insecurity linked with dentures, for example. Maximum comfort in everyday life, without the hassle and discomfort.

Improved chewing ability
Teeth supported by implants are, in fact, comparable to natural teeth as they are firmly anchored to the maxilla bone and allow total freedom when choosing what to eat.

Healthy teeth are left undisturbed
It is not necessary to carry out any treatment on healthy teeth to support the dental implants. The dental implants allow tooth replacement without damaging healthy, adjacent teeth when constructing a bridge, therefore preserving a greater number of teeth.

Greater personal security
In addition to an improved appearance, dental implants can help in daily life by providing greater comfort and a sense of security.