Our beginnings
Dental Tech is located in Misinto (MB), in the heart of the industrial triangle formed by Milan, Como and Varese.
In the 1970s, several of the most important Italian implantologists started their professional careers here; Dental Tech was born from their clinical experience and the technical know-how of the company founder.

Cooperation creates value
The cooperation between clinics in the sector and several of the most qualified Italian universities and research centres provide Dental Tech with a clear vision of the difficulties faced in dentistry; the result is constant know-how transfer, always in step with the times and be the point of reference, able to satisfy the needs of the dentist and the well-being of the patient.

Satisfying needs through growth
Today, Dental Tech is an established company, in constant growth, both in Italy and abroad. The value and number of clients we follow allows us to increase the level of investment made in the areas of research and development, as well as technical innovation.
The result is our ability to understand, satisfy, and often anticipate the needs of an increasingly more demanding and qualified customer.

Our future has strong roots

Dental Tech is founded. The production of orthopaedic prosthetics and dental implants for third-parties begins.

100% focus on the dental sector.

Exclusive production of submerged and transmucosal implants.

Dental Tech is awarded UNI EN ISO 9001 – EN 46001 certification.
Marketing of its own implant system begins.

Dental Tech receives recognition for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), awarded by the American F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration).
Market launch of the conical ImpLogic® and cylindrical ImpLassic implants, the transmucosal ImpLassic TR implant and the mini Logicsphero implant.

In collaboration with Lifecore Biomedical, Dental Tech designs and creates the Renova implant system. 

Dental Tech focuses exclusively on the design, production and marketing of its proprietary implant systems – ImpLassic, ImpLogic® and Logicsphero.