Course of Anatomy and Implant Surgery

ICLO Teaching and Research Center - Verona 20/21 October 2022

The training course

Dental Tech, as a non-conditioning sponsor, also this year proposes a Course of “Anatomy and Implant Surgery” at the “ICLO Teaching and Research Center” of Verona.

Conessioni Impianti Dentali Implassic HX3

Aim of the course

The course gives participants the opportunity to perform, on an anatomical specimen and under the supervision of the tutors, the various implant positioning techniques and to recognize and identify the anatomical structures defined as “at risk” in surgical practice.

In addition, the participants will be able to deepen the main techniques of bone reconstruction in cases of horizontal and vertical atrophy and to correctly manage the gingival tissues.

Functional Headquarters

The course includes a part of frontal teaching held in a very modern multimedia classroom and practical exercises in the Dissection Room.



Description of the main regenerative and reconstructive techniques that can be performed under local outpatient anesthesia.


Possibility of performing the various bone reconstruction techniques presented on an anatomical preparation and under the supervision of tutors.

Accredited E.C.M.

Course accredited with 19.9 credits ECM

Small group

To ensure better interaction between tutors and learners.

Specialized tutors

Highly specialized and professional tutors.


Prof. Nicoletti Fabrizio

Resp. Scientifico

Prof. Ferrari Silvano


Dr. Bordin Matteo


Only for 14 learners

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Why should you participate?

For yourself


Get involved! Betting on yourself is the best investment you can make!

For your Office


Sharing what you have learned with your Staff can be the winning weapon for your Office.

For your patients


Get security and quiet in your work. Your patient will see the difference.

Conessioni Impianti Dentali Implassic HX3


LEARNERS FEE   € 2.540,00 + IVA (€ 3.098,80 VAT included)

OBSERVER FEE   € 590,00 + IVA (€ 719,80 VAT included)

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