New ImpLassic FTP prosthetic components

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New FTP prosthetic abutment for B.O.P.T. technique

The new prosthetic abutment (Ref. CT19FTP), with a prosthetic excursion of 19mm and a neck of H. 0.9 mm, must be used with a subcrestal implant. Given the difficulty of the technique, an optimal synergy between doctor and technician is required.

WARNING: the hexagonal screwdrivers GMX100 – GMM250 – 001152, the contra-angle screwdrivers GCG0024 – GCG0030 and the ratchet adapters TW0001C- TW0001L ARE NOT USABLE.

For screwing the prosthetic screw (Ref. VMTP037), it is necessary to use the dedicated tools.

In order to use the prosthetic extractors (Ref. EXFTP and EXFTPL), the abutment must be cut under the hole on the abutment itself.


B.O.P.T. Technique

The B.O.P.T. provides for the vertical preparation of the natural / implant abutment to allow the adaptation of the mucous membranes to the prosthetic profiles determined by the crowns. The prosthetic protocol takes the name of, i.e. Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique, testifying to the fact that it is the tissues themselves that naturally adapt to preparation and restoration.

This abutment facilitates the stabilization of the connective tissue at a more coronal level compared to a standard rehabilitation, guaranteeing the stability of the tissues in the medium and long term.

Healing Abutment: new size available

In addition to the sizes of 4 and 6 mm, the Ref. VGFTP2050 with a height of 2mm has also been added to the anatomical healing abutments. This item helps the clinician in cases of very thin gingival biotypes.