Screwdrivers for Guided Surgery

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Available for multiple implant lines

The new screwdrivers for guided surgery allow the insertion of an implant up to 3mm under the crest, through an entirely digital design.

They are available for the ø3.25, ø3.75 prosthetic components and for the ImpLassic FTP conical implant line.

There are no dedicated drivers for the ImpLassic HX3 external hex implant line, as this line is not suitable for subcrestal insertion.


Color codes for easy planning

The surgical guide is always positioned 9mm from the implant head.

Depending on the depth established during the design phase, Stop rings of variable height (1, 1.5, 2 mm) and marked by different colors will be added to facilitate the professional.

Even the screwdrivers are distinguished by a coloured line depending on the reference implant line.

Once the rings necessary to reach the desired depth have been added, or not, we will continue with manual screwing or by ratchet until the ring strikes the guide.

To reach the maximum recommended and permitted depth of 3mm, the stop rings will not be used and we will proceed directly with screwing up to the end of the stroke.

Recommended steps

The design will have to take place using a drilling system dedicated to a longer implant, so that once the correct implant has been inserted, there will be additional space in the apical area that will allow the implant to be positioned at the desired depth with the aid of the stop rings.

The deeper you go, the more it will be necessary to work with the appropriate tools dedicated to the upper part to remove excess bone.