Bonding base for angled screw channel

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Bonding bases for angled screw channel, for use in restoration of protheses screwed onto implants, offer a valid alternative in clinical cases of particular aesthetic value.


Great flexibility in prosthesis design

By correcting the inclination of the screw channel, concealment of the hole is optimised while improving occlusal access in the rear sector and ensuring great flexibility in prosthesis design.

Conessioni Impianti Dentali Implassic HX3
Conessioni Impianti Dentali Implassic HX3

Bases are available for prosthesis components measuring ø3.25 or ø3.75 and for the conometric ImpLassic FTP line of implants.


Customised final result

The bases have an anti-rotational plane oriented with the connection and crown cutting lines to facilitate the work of the dental professional and permit determination of the desired height.

The head of the screw, with a spherical retainer, permits use with access holes that are inclined with respect to the original axis of the prosthesis.

Inclination of up to 22°

Every T-base for angled screw channel must hold the dedicated prosthetic screw to maintain a maximum inclination capacity of 22° for the tool used to screw it in.

The procedure for tightening the screw is completed using a special screwdriver with a maximum inclination of 22°. The maximum recommended torque for tightening screws and prosthesis components is 20 Nmc.

Correct design and choice of inclination not only makes it easier for the clinician to tighten the prosthesis, but facilitates access in tight spaces and avoids the need to affect the vestibular or incisal portion of the tooth.