The IMPLASSIC FT2 Implant line undergoes an update to the morphology of the implant coil.
The new external morphology of IMPLASSIC FT3 Implants offers a better sensitivity during the positioning phase at the Implant site, achieving excellent primary stability in any type of bone tissue.
IMPLASSIC FT3 Implant allows greater penetration even in the surgical sites under preparations, more present in the upper jaw, due to the presence of poor quality bone tissue, or in regenerated sites where a less persistent bone tendency is perceived.

A further feature of this new morphology is the possibility that the clinician has to change the Implant screwing axis even after initial insertion without incurring bone traumas; characteristic given by the presence of helical-shaped discharge milling.
The new IMPLASSIC FT3 morphology is fully compatible with all current IMPLASSIC FT2 surgical instruments and prosthetic platforms.

Availability: IMPLASSIC FT3 implants will progressively replace the measures when stocks last.