Dental Tech has made some changes and additions to the prosthetic components for Ø3.75, TR and instrumental connections.

Connection Ø 3,75 is valorised with the input of the change of transmucosal way, which allows insertion of the implant up to 1mm subcrest, without incurring engagement problems with prosthetic components for prosthesis mounted on the pillar.

Connection Ø 3,75 is expanded with new prosthetic components:

Prosthetic components PSS are added to the PSS375 (H. 0,5), already in the catalog, with a higher height of the transmucosal way, particularly suitable for the prosthesis of elements with thick mucosal tissue, by the Sirona T-Base method.

Exclusive solution dedicated to Connection Ø4.5, no longer in production as a connection to the implant. Prosthetic components PSS4520 is designed and realized for our customers who need a prosthetic reconstruction, using the Sirona T-Base method with a most consistent transmucosal way:






This prosthetic solution will not be present in the implant catalog ImpLogic GII – ImpLassic FT2 – ImpLassic FT2 Short – ImpLogic AT, but will only be available for sale by requesting it to the regular business advisor or to Dental Tech.

Connection TR expands with the introduction of new protesich components:

Provisional pillars CPR100 and CPO100 are made to connect to the octagon pillar cod. 112215

Surgical instruments are expanded with two new articles:

     – Connection ISO for dynamometer ratchet cod. ISO370





For tightening torque, it’s recommended to consult Dental Tech catalogs at the recommended TORQUE GUIDE section.

     – Drill Parallel   Ø2,3 cod. DRP230