Live Surgery Course

Bucarest, 14-18 november

Central European Dental Exhibition

Poznan, 20/22 september 2018

Central Asia Dental Expo

Almaty, 17/19 october 2018

Dental Tech. Since 1977 innovation, technology and solutions to help dentists to work better

Dental Tech. Since 1977 we have been helping dentists to make their patients smile





Why choose Dental Tech

Because Dental Tech has operated in the field of dental implants since 1977. Over the years, it has developed a wealth of expertise and know how, representing a guarantee of reliability and assurance.

Because our technical staff is continuously engaged in the research, the development and the creation of new products. The use of innovative and certified materials in combination with the latest generation of machinery allows us to respond in a targeted manner to demands faced by clinical realities across the world. The result is the continuous exchange and understanding of the issues.

Because Today, Dental Tech is an established company, in constant growth, both in Italy and abroad. Growth means having the ability to create greater opportunities for our clients to present themselves as a resource, capable not only of meeting the demands of practitioners, but often anticipating them.

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